About our Company

You will see 'how' and 'why' we started this company.

It was not an easy way, but it became a good way to root Wagyu cattle culture.

Founded in 2001 as K&K International, Inc., with offices and distribution centers in Torrance, California, the vision of our Founder and CEO, Kuba Kengo, along with his fellow employees was born. The beginning was not easy. Due to concerns about Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and the resulting Mad-Cow Disease (MCD), beef trade between the United States and Japan ceased in 2000. After years of constant lobbying with the Japanese Agriculture Department and the USDA, trade restrictions were released and beef trade between the US and Japan resumed. With this, K&K International, Inc. has decided to become an official Japanese Wagyu wholesaler in the United States. The objective was rather straightforward: to introduce and further provide food companies and restaurants, in both local and widespread areas, access to a unique selection of Wagyu brands and products. With its unique selection of products, high fill rates, and on time delivery, K&K International, Inc., was immediately embraced by customers in Torrance and all over the globe.

Fast forward to 2016, the history of our company and the growth it has taken over the years have strengthened our experiences, network, and customers ・currently, the company services over 500 customers. K&K International has played a constant and important role in restoring this trade relationship, believing in the high quality of our product and the long history of Wagyu. In 2006, 80% of the Wagyu imported into the US came from K&K International. As a leader and strong player in the Wagyu industry, K&K International is proud of its commitment to bringing the absolute best quality beef products to consumers around the globe.

An integral part of this success is the founder's commitment to hiring and developing quality people; people that understand our business, or our motive, and, more importantly, care for our customer's businesses. This highly experienced team goes to great lengths to service our customers at a very high level. With the works of our K&K International team, who is represented by professional sales, accounting, and marketing staffs, the company has been able to evolve into such highly-efficient distributor of Wagyu products.