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We have variety of Wagyu beef selection and other meats.

  1. Wagyu Tenderloin
  3. Dry-aged Beef
  4. Wagyu Striploin
  5. Iberico Pork
  6. Wagyu Ribeye

Latest News from K&K

Wagyu meeting in Japan

Wagyu meeting in japan [Kagoshima&Miyazaki]

Some of our employees and customers visited to Kagoshima/Miyazaki Japan.

Ibérico Pork

Started handling Ibérico Pork

We started handling Ibérico Pork according to some customer's request.

Dry-aged Wagyu Beef

Dry-aged Wagyu Beef [Reminder]

We have been handling 'Dry-aged Wagyu Beef', let us know if you are interested.